Group Health Insurance: “The BIG” And “The small” Businesses

Time to touch base on the BIG and the small companies that are interested in group health insurance. Lets just say there’s a BIG difference on how this could impact the different companies. To be considered a BIG company, it’s not a set scale on the amount of business you attract, or how man partners your company has. It’s all employee-count based. You’re considered among the BIG if your company has over 49 employees. On the contrary, the companies considered “small”, have less than 50 employees. A simple scale, but extremely important, as the new Health Care Laws have a play on how BIG  businesses go about their group insurance.


large business building

“The BIG” – Large Businesses (50+ Employees)

As we discussed, in this category is a business with 100+ employees. The Health Care Law has touched base on most large businesses, but through major provisions and changes to the law, it will go into effect more significantly in 2016. Implementation of the laws will have their own and separate dates. Some may occur early on in the year, oppose to the others that are still being structured and will take affect late 2016.

Large companies lacking the knowledge of these laws will have penalties put against them. The most important thing to put to light with the large companies and the Health Care Law is that if they don’t offer a Group Health plan to their employees, they will get penalized. They will, as well, be penalized if the plans they provide is considered to be unattainable, or isn’t affordable. The penalties vary and is yet to be announced, but it may scale on how many employees are in the business.



small business building

 “The small” – Small Businesses (1-49 Employees)

As we discussed, in this category is a business with less than 50 employees. These companies are considered SAFE! The new Health Care Law doesn’t target these companies at all, or at least “for now” that is. Although benefits to having group health insurance can be achieved on both sides as an employer or an employee of a small business, having group health insurance for small business is not a requirement in 2016. Only recommended.